6 Unconventional Ideas for Exploring Barcelona

Barcelona draws many lovers and tourists alike. Even a single day in this amazing city will be unforgettable. Making your journey memorable is made possible by RL (Romantic Life), a company that offers numerous unique ideas for your vacation in Spain. The professionals handle all the organizational matters, leaving clients to enjoy a first-class experience.

A Date on a Yacht

Relaxing amidst the waves on a beautiful yacht will melt anyone’s heart. Romantic Life offers a selection of yachts: a motorboat for thrill-seekers or a sailboat for a leisurely and calm cruise. Both options guarantee a scenic route and a romantic ambiance.

If you set sail with your beloved, you will find onboard:

  • Candles and rose petals
  • Fruits and champagne
  • Pleasant musical accompaniment

A yacht, the sea, and your loved one – all you need for a wonderful evening!

Winery Tour

Romantic Life invites Barcelona guests to visit one of Spain’s wineries. During the tour, clients will see how local masters create and store their drinks. They will also have the chance to taste some of the rarest wine samples. For those traveling with a loved one, you can book a room at the winery hotel and spend the evening in a cozy setting. A dinner for two will be served right at the winery.

The organizer offers a choice of dates at three Spanish wineries: ART, OLD, and ROCK. The choice will not affect the quality of the evening – it will be rich and engaging.

Horseback Riding

If you love nature, you should definitely take a horseback ride with your partner. This choice will provide:

  • Incredible impressions of the beautiful Spanish countryside
  • A touching dinner on a prepared meadow
  • Interaction with beautiful and noble animals

Additionally, each client can order the services of a musician, waiter, or videographer. Time spent with noble steeds will fly by and leave bright memories.

Picnic in the Park

Barcelona is a city with beautiful places. Guests are invited to visit Park Guell, the Labyrinth Park, and the Citadel Park. Romantic Life will find the quietest and most beautiful spots for its clients.

In these parks, lovers will find cozy corners designed for a romantic getaway – blankets and soft pillows, candles, and floral decorations. Photographers will help you preserve the memory of this beautiful meeting forever. Live music will add a lyrical tone to the atmosphere.

We are sure that your significant other will appreciate your efforts.

Hot Air Balloon Ride

An aerial journey always has a romantic aura. Romantic Life offers clients the chance to soar high above the ground to admire this city.

A hot air balloon ride allows you to greet the sunrise from a bird’s-eye view. The view from above offers a clear look at each of the city’s landmarks. The smooth flight provides a break from the noise and hustle. If you embark on this flight with your loved one, it’s the perfect opportunity to share your deepest feelings.

Tulip Blooming

There is nothing more romantic than live flowers. Visiting a blooming field is sure to impress any city dweller. If desired, millions of blooming tulips can be accompanied by an elegant table with exclusive wine and appetizers. Every girl will be greeted with a luxurious bouquet of fresh flowers during the visit. Waiter services will add comfort to the evening. Thanks to the work of a professional photographer, the memory of this beautiful meeting with the world of flowers will last forever.

Romantic Life – your guide to the most beautiful city – Barcelona. Use our company’s services, and we will plan and organize any route according to your tastes and desires.