A date in a hot air balloon

Features of an exclusive flight:

By choosing an “exclusive” flight, you can enjoy a private balloon ride just for you and your loved ones, inviting 2 to 6 people. The balloon will be completely at your disposal. With only two passengers in the basket, the pilot can teach you the basics of balloon control while providing an enjoyable experience!

Flight Program:

The activities start at dawn with the passengers gathering at the meeting point. If participants wish, they can take part in the preparations, including assembling and inflating the balloon. We will then set off on a flight that will last approximately 1-1.5 hours, determined by the wind direction. At the end of the flight, we will land and the rescue team will pack the balloon. We will then return by 4×4 to the take-off point, where we will celebrate this amazing experience with a glass of champagne (or cava) and enjoy a light lunch. At the end, each passenger will receive a certificate signed by the balloon pilot.

Total duration of the activity: approximately half a day.

Time of the activity: the flight starts early in the morning after sunrise or in the evening at sunset.

Days: all year round, including weekends, Saturdays and Sundays.

You can additionally order

  • Fruit Basket – 150€
  • Photo session 1 hour – 150€
  • Photo session + video rils – 200€
  • Transfer – from 100€
  • Videographer 1 hour – 200€
  • Bouquet of flowers – 100€
  • Dinner (for 2 persons) – from 100€
  • Waiter service – 150€
  • Coordinator – 100€

Personalized hot air balloon flight in Barcelona

We offer exclusive flights for two people, however you also have the option to expand your group from three to eight people. For the convenience of our clients who do not have their own transportation, we provide a transfer service from Barcelona. For those who wish to purchase a flight with an open date, we provide gift vouchers with the option of personalization.

What’s waiting for you:

  • Sunrise Encounter: Start your adventure with a sunrise encounter as Barcelona wakes up beneath your feet. Watching the sunrise together will give your date a special charm.
  • Flight in the Clouds: Climb into a hot air balloon and float gently and quietly through the sky. Your gaze will take in breathtaking panoramas of Barcelona, its landmarks and beautiful coastlines.
  • Intimacy in the sky: The hot air balloon will create a cozy space for the two of you. With a backdrop of free skies and clouds, you can enjoy an intimate moment away from the hustle and bustle of the city.
  • Champagne and treats: A celebratory flight will be accompanied by a glass of champagne and gourmet treats so you can enjoy the magic of the moment.
  • Photo Shoot: A professional photographer will accompany your flight to capture every moment of this unique experience. Get beautiful pictures in the sky to remember this day always.
  • Flight Certificate: Complete your adventure by receiving an official certificate for your hot air balloon flight in Barcelona.

This hot air balloon date will be an incredible gift for you and your partner, adding a colorful and unique accent to your love story.


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